Look Better, Feel Better, Be Better.

For the team here at the LaserKidsDental our philosophy is as simple as that. We believe that for our guests to achieve a high level of health and vitality it is important to look at all the surrounding factors, rather than simply fixing the immediate problem. Instead of just treating the symptom, we look to the source of any dental issue and aim to ensure it is solved for the future, thereby eliminating potential problems later in life.

This concept is called "Health Risk Analysis & Management" and this is how we provide holistic dentistry and care for your children.


We strive to positively contribute to our society and the world around us by providing exceptional service and care to appreciative guests, in a relaxed environment. We aim to empower our guests, colleagues and ourselves with health, properly applied knowledge and enduring experiences.

Our goal is a world full of healthy, happy people, and with this in mind it has become the kids clinic and Institute’s goal to help eliminate tooth decay from our local community within the next 10 years. Healthy and prosperous societies only come about through education, passion and sharing inspiration.

Creating the New Face Of Dentistry right here, right now.