Kids Dental Clinic

We started the LaserKidsDental clinic to provide a complete oral health experience that inspires & empowers our young guests. Our aim is to start an early relationship of care, so children grow up with happy, confident smiles.

Treatment begins with a full assessment of your childs oral health with a focus on crooked teeth, jaws and early orthodontics.

With early orthodontics, tooth extraction and braces can be avoided in most cases. Instead, we use a series of removable plates and myobrace appliances to gently develop the jaws, allowing room for adult teeth to grow straight.

Our therapy is painless. We use non-invasive lasers instead of drills and we offer sedation dentistry to eliminate dental fear.

We have custom-built a beautiful environment with a high-tech, interactive education center where kids learn great oral healthcare.

Early orthodontics, advanced laser dentistry and education will give your child the best start to lifelong optimal oral health. Don't wait until their teens. We can treat orthodontic issues, save teeth and prevent the need for braces later.

The ideal age for an assessment is 5-7 years and by 9-10 years, every child should have had an orthodontic assessment and started treatment if required.

See how we can help your child's smile grow to it's full potential with Early Orthodontics.

Don't Wait. Look Better, Feel Better & Be Better Right Now.