10 + Years

A panoramic X-ray is an image taken outside of the mouth by a machine that rotates around the head. This type of X-ray gives the dentist a good picture of the teeth and jaws. When dealing with children, its main use is to examine the developing dentition. The dentist can see the presence or absence of teeth.

Good oral habits such as teeth brushing, dental floss, good diet and dental active care will keep your child far away from cavities and subsequent pain.

Remember the days when teeth were removed before braces were put on for 3 years? Well, now there is an alternative. Treating children with functional appliances to assist in correct jaw development is a safe and effective option to traditional orthodontics.

Pacifiers and thumb sucking, mouth breathing, nail biting, and other habits can contribute to changing the shape of a childs jaw and lead to crowding or incorrect positioning of adult teeth.

Functional orthopaedic and early orthodontic treatment are less invasive, painless options that can be treated with removable appliances or myobracer in conjunction with oral soft tissue exercises. Treating myofunctional habits (swallow and breathing patterns) early, can prevent a number of problems from happening in the future.