2-5 Years

By age 2, sixteen teeth are usually present and the last of the molars begin to appear, but they do not finish erupting until around 30 months.


Look for a brush with a short and bulky handle because this is easier for a young child to manage. Bristles should be soft to avoid injury.

One of the most important things about a tooth-cleaning schedule is developing good habits. Kids should brush at least twice daily – morning and bedtime. If you want to do it more often that’s great.

Open Bite

If your childs upper and lower teeth do not come together its called an open-bite. This situation can be seen in young children (2-5 years) and in some older kids too. There are several reasons that this may occur. One of the most common causes of an open bite is a habit, such as sucking fingers or thumbs, placing the tongue between the teeth and holding objects between the teeth. There are solutions for dealing with open bites due to these habits. Trainer exercises, myobracer and removable dental appliances are all part of our therapy at LaserKidsDental.

Your dentist should be consulted if your child has any of these habits.

Bleeding Gums

There are many possible reasons for gum bleeding when brushing. A common cause may be dehydration or drying of the mouth usually caused by breathing through the mouth.

Bleeding gums are not healthy and must be cleaned regularly. Some parents and children avoid brushing the gums because they bleed. This is a mistake. It may take 7-10 days of regular, thorough brushing to see an improvement with less bleeding.

If there is no improvement after regular brushing, consult your dentist