LaserKidsDental is a unique dental experience for your child.

We provide painless childrens dentistry and oral hygiene treatment with a special focus on early orthodontics. This helps develop the jaw allowing room for teeth to grow straight and faces to grow naturally, so children can enjoy happy smiles and confidence in their early years and for life.

Using advanced laser dentistry, twinkle sedation and interactive oral health education, we give children the tools they need to prevent tooth decay, gum disease, tooth extraction and extended fixed braces in their teens. We also provide modern, non-extraction orthodontic therapy for teenagers.

We offer a long-term relationship of care and can now see your child from birth to teenage before they graduate to Laser LifeCare Institute as adults.

We are the New Face of Childrens Dentistry, where fear is replaced with fun!

Get to know more about early orthodontics at our Laser Kids Dental Clinic.